Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Major Breakthrough

I had a major breakthrough with MrMarried last weekend. Major. If I could put blinking lights around the word major, I would. Trust me.

My MOH was back home for the weekend and called to see if we could have dinner together on Saturday night. She has never seen our new home, but has heard endless stories about home improvement projects, so I asked if she would want to come over to eat instead of going to a restaurant. She happily agreed, and our dinner date was set.

MrMarried and I aren't slobs, and I keep our home neat enough as to not have a heart attack if a friend called to say, "I'm in the area, can I drop by in 20 minutes?" Nonetheless, if I know in advance when a friend is coming over, there is always straightening to be done.

When MrMarried's friends drop by, we never really "clean". Sure, I fluff couch pillows and make sure the remotes are within reaching distance from the couch, but that's about it. They are guys, and straightening the house for hours would be worthless. However, when I announced that a friend of mine was coming over, MrMarried snapped into this cleaning mode that I've never seen before. Nothing was too neat and orderly for this strange man that had suddenly taken over my husband's body. It was awesome. I was excited because I could really feel a sense of pride in him. His actions were saying, "I'm proud of our home, and I want our home to look it's best when my wife's friend is here."

Melt. My. Heart.

I was SO proud of him.

So the only secret to having MrMarried help me a bit more with keeping the house orderly is inviting more female friends over?!? Doesn't sound too bad to me!


  1. What a guy! How sweet of him to want to impress your friends.

  2. I didn't even tell him that I was going to blog about this little incident. Wait until I tell him that you left a comment. He will be so excited :)

  3. This is so cute! My husband has 10,000 wonderful qualities, but cleaning in an "urgent - company is coming" situation is not one of them.

    Sounds like you have a good one there!

  4. oh how sweet! i had a major breakthrough with LSH just this morning, but it's not really internet appropriate. which is a shame, it was pretty funny!