Monday, September 27, 2010

One Year of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday, September 26th, marked MrMarried and my 1st anniversary. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing a post for our six month anniversary!

We had a blast this weekend reminiscing about what we were doing one year ago, and I never seem to get sick of hearing our wedding story (even though I lived through it!) I love how MrMarried remembers little details that I can't recall, and it's just fun to remind each other of the magic of our day.

To celebrate, we headed downtown to the restaurant that catered the meal for the wedding, and we reserved a room in the hotel where we stayed after the wedding. Even though we were in our hometown, it still felt like a weekend getaway. 

MrMarried called the florist who did our wedding, and asked her to create something to greet us in the hotel room. She made a beautiful arrangement of long stem roses, and my blackberry's camera doesn't do them justice. Note to self: bring the nice camera to anniversary celebrations. 

Since my parents ate the top of our wedding cake (HA! I told them it was okay to do so since many of our friends have told us that year old cake tastes terrible), they dropped off a replacement fresh cake for us to enjoy. The cake was even better than I remember. Yum! There might only be a tiny, tiny sliver left this morning. Oops. 

I did want to share something I learned as I was planning our anniversary dinner. I had thought that the restaurant was in the Entertainment Book so I looked for a coupon, but when I discovered they weren't, I tried based on a suggestion from a friend and a few twitter people. My friend swears by the website, but I was a little leery at first. The website sells deeply discounted gift certificates ($10 for $25 worth or food, for $40 for $100 in food) to select restaurants.

When I was checking out on the website, I saw a very large area to enter a coupon code-- which is a dead giveaway that the website not only publishes coupon codes, but that they are usually easy find online. I checked out my favorite coupon site, and sure enough, found a code for 80% (!) off. I thought it was too good to be true, but the website took the code and charged me $3 for $25 in food.

I picked my chin up off my desk, printed out the paper gift certificate, and prayed it would work when we went to dinner on Saturday. Dinner went off without a hitch, and the waitress happily accepted our gift certificate. If you use the website though, read the fine print, because most restaurants only let you use one gift certificate at a time.

Have a great start your week! 


  1. I love that idea. I think we are going to eat our cake in December on the 2 year anniversary of our engagament and us being married 7 months and first semester of law school being over. And I love the idea of being in the same hotel. Great idea. Happy anniversary!!

  2. So cute that you went to the same hotel!!! We have the same anniversary, and I love that date because it is not obscured by our birthdays/holidays or any other typical life craziness. Happy anniversary!

  3. @newteacherwife- Great idea on eating the cake early. It sounds like you have a LOT to celebrate :) All the more reason to eat cake, right?? Thanks for the warm anniversary wishes.

    @Jamie- Sept 26th truly is a great time for an anniversary and I like to think of it as a ramp up for the fall/ winter holidays. I love this time of year!

  4. That's so sweet - flowers and cake on an anniversary. :)

    I've used that website before, and it's great, but there's usually a big minimum purchase you have to make in order to use the coupon, which annoys me.