Sunday, March 28, 2010

Six Wonderful Months

Over the weekend, MrMarried and I celebrated six months of marriage. My most favorite thing we did to celebrate was honoring the tiny tradition we've started where we talk each other through the wedding day from our own perspectives... well, if you can count something that we've done three times as a tradition!

I love to hear my husband recount the hours leading up to our wedding and the day itself from his perspective. Of course, I have my best memories from the day, but somehow he remembers little things that I just can't, and it's fun to relive the day with him. We've had this little trip down memory lane three times now- at our one week anniversary as we were lying on the beach during our honeymoon, on our one month anniversary, and now on our six month anniversary. I'm sure the "trip down memory lane" will only happen on our yearly anniversaries in the future, but I still love to relive the day.

What do you do to relive your special day?

Have a great start to you week!

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