Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lists Keep Me Sane

I love lists and spreadsheets. I make make them for everything because they help me to keep myself organized, and therefore, feeling sane.

For example, we went vacation next week... the entire week was on a speadsheeted. I just feel like I have a grasp on what I need to do when it's on a list or on a speadsheet. Blame it on my type A++ personality. I can't help it, so go easy on me in the comments section.

Remember back in the day in... FEBRUARY.... when I blogged about my closet? I'm almost embarrassed to type the would February because it was SO long ago. Sheesh.

MrMarried and I had been making great progress with the framing, the drywall, and the closet components all winter long, but when I moved my clothes into the new space in early March, all progress towards completion came to a screeching halt.

I will admit that we had a busy, busy summer and didn't have a lot of free time to work on the closet, but now that the weather is cooling off and our summer commitments have ended, it's time to finish this dang closet.

And I'm going to do it the only may I know how.

I'm making a list.

I've seen so many bloggers that publish inspiring and thoughtful life lists that detail items they would like to accomplish in the upcoming year or before they turn 30...well, I'm taking the inspiration down a notch and just publishing a "nose-to-the-grindstone-just-get-this-crap-done-list".

I'm know that if I put it in writing, I'll stick to it, or you guys will keep me accountable, or something!

Here is where we are (notice that this outline starts with #1... it goes up to #4 because that's how many rooms have projects that are in progress, but I will spare you all the details):

1. Upstairs Attic
    - Hang Bridal Shower picture
    - Hang other art on side wall
        - Guest Book sign
        - Kim's Art
        - "All Because" sign
    - Buy Container Store shoe storage
    - Donate old shoes and throw out old shoe boxes
    - Clean and organize top shelf
    - Buy "prettier" storage for top shelf
    - Hang other closet doors
    - Hang trim
    - Hang blinds
    - Buy and hang curtains
    - Select, buy, and have carpet installed

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  1. I have to make lists or I will forget what I'm supposed to be doing and things will never get completed!