Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Renovations: Closets are a Problem in our House

First, so I don't sound like an ungrateful snob, my husband and I are SO thankful to be homeowners. We have friends who live in cities where housing isn't as affordable as where we live, and live in rentals where they can't make changes. For that reason, we are THANKFUL to be homeowners and to be able to make decisions about improving our home.

But... closets are a enormous, tremendous, gigantic problem in our home. No, I am not being dramatic either.

Our house was built almost 100 years ago, and we have already done a good amount of work including a total renovation of our kitchen. We love the details that you don't find in newer homes, but it's easy to see that times have changed in clothing storage over the last 100 years.

The closet in our master bedroom is downright sad. It may have worked in the 1920's, but not so much anymore. We are currently working on it, and I will do a separate post on that when it's completed... but this is what our master closet looked like when we moved in.

No, I did not make that up. And it was this deep (barely wide enough for a pair of shoes):

So, I pretty much told my husband that this sorry excuse for a master closet simply wasn't going to work. We remembered that we have a really cool feature in our house that allows us to access our attic through a full set of stairs directly through our bedroom. Bingo. Hello new closet upstairs.

The only problem was that when we started this project, the attic looked like a traditional attic-- aka no doors, no shelves, just an empty attic. So... we got busy framing out some useful space in our blank empty canvas.

Here is where we started framing the closet. It's on the left.

Hanging drywall in the closet. Kind of a funny angle with our roofline.

 Finally, it's beginning to look like we have walls!

After some paint and finishing work, the racks and lighting go in! The racks are just Closetmaid brand from Home Depot. Nothing special, since we aren't going to be in the house forever...

It's crazy unorganized right now and we still need to add carpet and shoe racks... but it sure beats having ridiculous amounts of clothing piled up on the floor of your guest bedrooms and in tupperware containers. How did I even live like that? Such is the life of a newlywed who moves into her husband's bachelor pad, I suppose.

Have you tackled any home renovation projects? Tell me about them :)

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