Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Around to Seeing Oscar Movies!

It was a quiet weekend at our house-- which was fabulous! Since it rained non-stop, we rented two movies, made dinner both nights, and did some plotting for some upcoming house projects-- which as you know, we do a LOT of around here!

I fully admit that we have been totally behind the ball on seeing movies recently, but after the Oscars and all the hype over the race for best actress with Sandra and The Blind Side and Meryl and Julie and Julia, I made it a mission for DH and I to see these two movies before next year's Oscars. This weekend Julie and Julia was on the agenda. So far one down, one to go. Hopefully we make it!

I'm honestly sad that it took me so long to see Julie and Julia! What a sweet movie. I can relate to Amy Adam's character- a young, married 20 something learning to cook and learning to find herself through her hobby and her blog. Although I've never tried a Julia Child recipe, I love Meryl enough to watch any movie that she is in. She was totally fabulous in this movie by the way- and I thought the effort the producers put into recreating Julia Child was wonderful! Did you know Julia Child was almost 6 feet tall in real life and Meryl-- only being 5'6"-- wore extra high heels, stood on platforms to make her look closer to 6', and that the set's kitchen counters were lowered to make her look taller? Very cool.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I would highly recommend renting it. What other Oscar movies do we need to rent?

Have a great start to your week!

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