Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Resigning on Monday!

If someone were to tell me when I woke up last Monday that the events that took place over this past week were actaully going to happen, I would have told you that you were NUTS. But, as I look back at the week that was, and I'm confident that the old adage "Everything happens for a reason" is so, so true.

Okay, okay. Enough with talking in generalities. Let's get to the scoop.

But first, to recap:
  • I was laid off from the company that I currently work for in January (not so awesome). 
  • We were acquired by a firm that eliminated about half of the jobs  in our office (25ish people).
  • I was asked to stay with the company for a transition period (30 days).
  • Later, (end of January) I earned my job back when the people that bought us realized I rock they were in over their heads. (Duh. I could have told them it would happen.)

Before I found out I was being rehired, I polished my resume, posted it on, and started the job hunting process. When I was rehired, I didn't take the resume down, because I figured it couldn't hurt anything, and I could always plead for forgiveness if my employer ever called me out on it by saying that I had simply forgotten.

Fast forward to this Monday. I got a call from someone in HR at-- spoiler alert-- my NEW Company. The woman told me she saw my resume on Monster, and asked if I would like to interview for a position. The position didn't match my qualifications, but the company sounded interesting, and I thought what the heck? We set up an interview for Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, the HR rep called me again and told me another position had just become available-- aka the job description was still wet from the ink it had been penned in--- and they wanted me to interview for the new position also. I happily agreed, and said that I would see them on Thursday morning.

I fibbed to my current job and said I had a "doctor's appointment" on Thursday morning.  Now you must understand that I've been thinking about leaving my current job for a long time. And after the layoffs in January, I had a sour taste in my mouth. As I drove to the interview, I had an overwhelming sense of calm about me. I can't describe it, but I had a feeling of-- This is it. No looking back. Review mirror is off.

And DANG, that HR woman knows her stuff because the 2nd job that she asked me to interview for fits my wants and my skills perfectly. It's a new position they've created to help carve out a specific brand for the organization. Right up my alley. Not to toot my own horn-- too loudly at least-- but I crushed, killed, and dominated the interview, again all with a reassuring sense of calm about me... things were clicking. I left feeling great.

Friday morning, I sent in some references paperwork, and heard back from the HR woman almost immediately. She told me on Friday morning, that if I was okay with everything, they wanted to come to terms of the agreement by the end of the day. WOW.

To make a long story short-- and a GIANT thank you for reading this far-- I've signed the papers and will be starting next Monday. I'm thrilled. I did my due diligence on the company and it's executives, and talked with my husband about the move to the new organization and when we look at the big picture, it's a great fit.

I just can't believe it all happens in a week. Whew! Life flies.

I'll be traveling a bit more in my new role, so perhaps that will open up a new category of topics to blog about, and more exciting adventures. I'm hopeful that the new job will have the cash to allow us to say in some beautiful hotels so I can start a new category of posts labeled "You Simply Must Say Here Before You Die"... but if that doesn't happen, I'm sure I'll find some great things to blog about regardless. Ha!

For now, I have to go write my peace out, girl scout resignation "speech." Any tips? I've never resigned before. I'm thinking short and sweet. Something like 4-5 sentences. I'll keep you posted.

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