Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts on L.L. Bean

The Spring L.L. Bean catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. Now, L.L. Bean is not typically a store/catalog that I pay much attention to. There isn't a particular reason for this, but I kind of thought they were famous for their tote bags and that's about all... you know the ones that you monogram and can haul everything in, and look like this:

Well, I started flipping through the pages just to see what was new in L.L. Beanland, and was pleasantly surprised! The pages were full of color, and the clothes were cute! Perfect (and preppy) stuff for weekend lounging. I wanted to book tickets to Nantucket for my husband and I on the spot-- but that is a different blog post all together.(Hey, Pennsylvania winters are rough, so a girl can dream, right??)

Anyway, I thought these three little numbers were pretty multi-functional, and could pull double duty for both work and weekend gear. What do you think? Are you an L.L. Bean fan?

Full disclosure- I do not work for L.L. Bean, and was not paid to write this post. These are my own personal opinions. Thanks :) 

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