Monday, February 1, 2010

Home Renovations: Our Kitchen Backsplash

My husband and I live in a home that was built almost a century ago. It has great bones and was the right price, but needed a total renovation overhaul some work when we moved in. And... when I say it needed some work, I don't mean it was unsafe to live in, but it was just stuck in a different decade.

The kitchen has been one of our MAJOR projects, and I wish so badly that I had taken pictures of the kitchen before we began to tear it down to the studs... but unfortunately I didn't, so you will just have to believe me when I say it looked a little something like this....


So even though I don't have a real "before" picture of our kitchen this what it looked like this past summer. We have come a long way!

I'm blessed with a man that could have his own show on HGTV a handy husband who is willing to take on electrical, drywalling, landscaping, painting, installing hardwood flooring-- I could go on and on. You name it, he likes getting into it! He even told me that he "Doesn't mind remodeling because it he wasn't so busy with the house he would be wasting his time away with video games." Friends, that is a VERY mature statement for my husband. I am thankful and blessed. Anyway... I digress.

As I said, our kitchen has been our major project, and this past weekend we put one of the final pieces in place-- our kitchen blacksplash. So, I thought I would treat you to some pictures.

Here are our walls before. Pretty plain, but still very functional.

Same view of the counter, but a different angle.

Other side of the kitchen. 

So we took a deep breath and were off to the races. I had never done a backslash before, but I was hopeful that things would turn out alright. Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures.


Making progress!

And then if you fast forward through about 10 hours worth of labor over Saturday and Sunday... we ended up with something like this....!

I will post more pictures later, because I know these before and after pictures aren't the greatest, but I wanted to share our weekend accomplishment. Happy House Renovating!


  1. Your new kitchen is gorgeous! Congrats - that's a major accomplishment.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Its been a lot of work... but its rewarding :)