Monday, June 14, 2010

A Change of Sleeping Arrangements

How gorgeous is this hotel room I was privileged enough to stay in last week?

Hello, work conferences. It's nice to meet you.

Last week, I was in New York City for a conference near Times Square. We stayed at the Renaissance. Quite the posh hotel, let me tell you.

So while my poor husband was at home sick and barely able to sleep through the night with his terrible cough, I was slumming it up here. Not bad, eh?

If you were following my tweets from last week regarding not sleeping through the night due to the incessant coughing coming from MrMarried's lungs, I learned the hard way that it's perfectly okay to not sleep in the same bed as your husband every night if you can't rest due to his summer sinus infection/ mysterious three week cough. You are not a bad wife. You are not a bad caretaker. You just need your rest. It's perfectly okay. I don't know why I was feeling so guilty about it for a day or two. Probably because I was sleep deprived.

So...hello, guest room, it's nice to meet you. I'm thankful I sprung for the nicer linens when we were registering!


  1. That hotel looks awesome! And I agree that you need your sleep too...I'm sure he understands!

  2. i heart nyc! I live in brooklyn and it's fun to go to times sq every once in awhile to remind myself of how cool it is that i live here!

  3. @Newteacherwife-- the hotel was great :) and I came refreshed and ready to help him get over his mystery illness. He is much better too!

    @very married-- NYC was a blast. You have a great urban playground right in your backyard!

  4. We ended up instituting a "sick bed" when I got a horrendous cold a few months ago. It allowed him to get good sleep while I was hacking up a lung. That's a good reason to sleep in separate rooms!